Galas, banquets, corporation events
Galas, banquets, corporation events
The ideal way to surprise and draw attention of the guests during a banquet, a gala, a conference or a corporate event is to use the WOW effect. Our shows guarantee that an event will be unique and will have an artistic dimension, therefore the audience will surely say "WOW!". Costumes, music and choreography are carefully chosen for each show. Our athletes appear in elegant clothes, subtle and tactful, thus everything is adjusted to the theme and the character of your event. Our goal is to delight the audience and, most importantly, leave beautiful images in their memories.
A break between lectures and speeches does not have to be boring. After all, every event needs some variety. Why don’t you try and use a break to admire beautiful, graceful and spectacular skills of our artists? We can prove that we are able to organize a performance which will certainly make a conference an extraordinary event. As always, it will be tailor-made, that is, it will perfectly suit the concept of the event.
A company gala is always a special moment in business. Usually its main purpose is to honor the events or achievements which are crucial for a company, and we are well aware of it. Therefore a very important element of such events are the attractions that will leave unforgettable memories. Our shows can definitely stir the emotions of your clients and participants. These types of events , because of their prestige, are both a challenge and a great pleasure for us. The organization of the show will be based on the importance of the event, the budget, the number of guests, the target, the character of the meeting and your individual preferences.
We do the following things to make sure that the gala is unique:
-create a creative concept
-prepare a few complete scenarios to choose from
-choose the scenography according to the concept of the gala
-offer an entire artistic programme
-provide additional attractions
-develop logistics connected with the equipment installation
-implement the project at the highest level of security
Galas, banquets, corporation events
Special events
We provide entertainment both for small groups (communions, baptisms, birthdays), and for the hundreds of guests (weddings, anniversaries). Regardless of the character of an event - whether they are small, familiar meetings or big stage shows, we select the program carefully so that it suits the concept of the event. Our artists know very well what to do to make an event memorable in every possible way. We are aware that special moments should be celebrated in a unique way, and it is our priority to meet these expectations.
Opening ceremonies
Our long experience allows us to take up any challenge and create and carry out even the most unusual and original special events. We make scenarios for the sport ceremonies, trade fairs, cultural events and many others. Due to the unique character of our shows, we can also advertise products and services of many brands in a discreet, artistic way. "SK Talent" group prepares special performances referring to the main theme of the event
Picnics, outdoor events
Picnics, outdoor events
Would you like your guests to remember the picnic you invited them to for a long time? Do you want to surprise both your older and younger audience with something unique? The ideal solution are the demo lessons and acrobatic and circus workshops aimed, in particular, at the youngest. An interesting form, as well as the original methodology of teaching ,“tailored-made” to suit the specific character of the event will make it remain long in the memory of the participants.
Workshop on trampolines
energy, fun and a lot of joy – this is how our classes on the trampoline look like. As we all know, a trampoline is the best device producing endorphins, also called the hormones of happiness. Therefore, we can guarantee that after the workshop all participants will go back to reality with a large dose of emotion, positive energy and a smile.
Acrobatics show
on the trampoline- refers to more demanding stunts on trampolines, performed by our professional athletes, the members of the group "SK Talent". Their high-level sport skills combined with the grotesque, amusing choreography and an amazing show will surely leave the audience delighted.
Workshop on sashes/aerial silks
for the participants of the picnic. Almost every little girl has at least once in her childhood dreamt of trying to move or “fly” gracefully with a sash. Today they can fulfill these dreams with our help. Each participant of the picnic can try to perform simple figures on a sash under the supervision of our qualified instructors. We have our own, safe devices for acrobatic shows and workshops, so all activities are 100% safe.
Shows on a sash or a circle performed in the air
The centerpiece of these shows is an amazing spectacle, in which the artists move on a sash or in a circle on the dizzying heights. High in the air they presents their grace, flexibility and artistic passion, keeping the thrilled audience on the edge of their seats. This show is incredibly attractive, blurring the borders between the world of illusion and reality.
Why us?
When impossible becomes possible – this is our everyday reality. Each project is a challenge for us. And challenge is what we like most!
Besides being artists, we are also flexible people when it comes to communication and arrangements. Our cooperation will certainly be pleasant for both sides.
We care a lot about the safety of the events - both our security and that of the audience. It is our priority.
Over 100 of promoters have trusted us and according to what they say, they were not disappointed!
We have a passion for what we do. Our typical day consists mainly of preparatory training, so the quality of performances is always at the highest level. It keeps bringing us a lot of fun and happiness.
Our “look” specialists prepare us for the show, taking care of both the choreography, styling, our appearance and the general image at the highest level
We deal with our shows from A to Z, so all you have to do is to contact us and show us the place where the show will take place. We will take care of the rest. You can trust us. We encourage you to contact us to make arrangements CONTACT